Vice President For Administrative and Support

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Dr. Akbar Shirzad


Full Name: Akbar Shirzad, PhD


The university's administrative and support deputy include administration of corporate affairs, financial management, and legal affairs.

The administrative and support deputy is trying to maximize productivity by employing optimal human resources and university funding and increasing the efficiency of different units. The most important duties of this deputy are the following:

  • Preparation and formulation of subsidiary policy in the form of university goals, as well as the announcement of current regulations to the relevant units and monitoring its implementation

  • Supervision over the proper implementation of all laws and regulations related to administrative, employment, financial, trading and legal affairs of the university
  • Monitoring, co-operation and comment on the preparation and adjustment of the annual budget of the university and its proposal to the relevant authorities.
  •  Preparation and implementation of employee welfare plans
  • To carry out recruitment and human resources of the university in accordance with the relevant rules and regulations

  • Supervising the preparation of university needs, maintenance and repairs, environmental health and good contract implementation

  • Doing Legal Affairs at the University