The selection of the article by two faculty members of the electrical engineering department of the university as the best article of the year 2020 of Springer Institute

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According to the public relations report, the article published by Dr. Arash Esmaili and Dr. Haditha Babazadeh was selected as the winner of the best article in Circuits, Systems and Signal Processing journal in 2020 by Springer Institute.

Since 2013, the Birkhäuser Institute, i.e. Springer, has considered three awards for articles presented in the journal Circuits, Systems and Signal Processing. The Armen H. Zemanian Award in Circuit and Systems and the Syndy R. Parker Award in Signal Processing and the M.N.S. Swamy is related to the best article regardless of the field of work.

After about a year from the publication of the articles of 2019 and 2020, the selected articles were asked from all the Associate Editors and readers of this journal for these three awards. including the professors and referees of this journal, the winner of the award for the best article Armen H. Zemanian, the article published by Mr. Dr. Arash Esmaili and Mrs. Haditha Babazadeh entitled "A Foreground Self-Calibration Technique for High-Resolution Switched-Current R-2R Digital- to-Analog Converters” in May 2020. This article also won the best article award of M.N.S. Swamy.


It should be noted that the third prize was awarded to another article in the field of Signal Processing. All these awards have certificates and cash prizes. Link related to this award on Springer website۱۰.۱۰۰۷/s۰۰۰۳۴-۰۲۱-۰۱۹۳۵-y