Urmia University of Technology's 78-step ascent in the Saimago 2022 ranking system

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According to the university's public relations, in the latest evaluation of the world's universities conducted by the authoritative ranking system of Saimago, 154 universities from Iran have succeeded in being included in this ranking system. Urmia University of Technology is ranked 742 in the world and is among the top 13 industrial universities in the country.

The Scimago Institute, which is located in Spain and is world-renowned for analyzing and evaluating scientific information, has ranked the world's universities based on three research indicators with a weight of 50%, innovation 30% and The social index weighs 20% in collaboration with the Elsevier Institute since 2009.

This ranking system of the last 5 years in the Scopus citation database and the global patent statistics database is based on the study of two indicators of research and innovation, and in the study of social index or webometrics, the two databases of Google and Ahrefs are used. The criteria for institutions to enter the evaluation in this ranking system is to have at least 100 articles in the valid Scopus citation database, and in the 2022 ranking, data related to the years 2016 to 2020 have been examined.

The world ranking of Urmia University of Technology in this ranking system has improved 78 times compared to the previous year. Also, in the innovation index, which includes the number of world patents and the number of scientific products related to inventions, the university rank has improved significantly.