Dr. Mina Ghanbari succeeded in publishing an article in the scientific journal of reports from the prestigious journal Nature.

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Dr. Mina Ghanbari, a member of the faculty of the Department of Mechanics, Khoy faculty of Technology and Engineering, succeeded in publishing an article in the journal Scientific Reports from the prestigious publication Nature.

In this article entitled:

Thermo-vibrational analyses of skin tissue subjected to laser heating source in thermal therapy


The vibrational and temperature behavior of a skin tissue in the face of various laser beams has been studied. In this research, the hyperbolic conduction heat transfer equation has been used to model the two-dimensional conduction heat transfer process in the tissue, which for the first time analyzes the vibrational response of the skin tissue in the face of temperature shocks, considering the thermo elastic effects. Due to the fact that in recent years, laser therapy has received much attention in various medical treatments, including skin, cancer and beauty treatments, the results of this study can be effective in various fields of laser therapy.

It is worth noting that the journal Scientific Reports from Nature Publications, has been in the top quarter of articles in the JCR and SJR citation databases in the last five years with an average impact factor of 5.1 and Hersh index 213.

Those who are interested can access the article through the following link: