Print article of the faculty member of the Physics Department of Urmia University of Technology in Nature Publications

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Dr. Soroush Hasili, a member of the faculty of the Department of Physics, Faculty of Environment, Urmia University of Technology, succeeded in publishing an article in the journal Scientific Reports from the prestigious publication Nature.

In this article entitled:

Multipartite uncertainty relation with quantum memory

Relationship of multiple uncertainties in the presence of quantum memory

The uncertainty relation is a fundamental relation in quantum physics proposed by Heisenberg. Based on this relationship, the location and momentum of a particle cannot be measured simultaneously with desired accuracy. Subsequently, various relationships were introduced for the measurement uncertainty of a particle. Also, in recent years, several relations have been proposed by some researchers for the measurement uncertainty of two and three particles. In this paper, for the first time, a new uncertainty relation for multiparticle systems in the presence of quantum memory is introduced. This new relationship can play an essential role in quantum information theory.


Scientific Reports from Nature Publications has been ranked Q1 in the JCR and SJR citation databases for the past five years with an impact factor of 4 to 5.5.

Interested parties can access the article through the following link: