Shining the names of two faculty members of Urmia University of Technology among the top 1% of scientists in the world

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According to the university's public relations, quoting the Vice Chancellor for Research and Technology of the Islamic World Science Citation Database, the names of two faculty members of Urmia University of Technology have been included in the list of world-renowned scientists in the field of engineering in 2020.

According to the report published through the Islamic World Citation Database, which is based on the advanced processing of the Islamic World Citation Database Science Center on the data extracted from ESI and WOS databases, the name of Dr. Mohammad Pour Mahmoud Aghababa Professor of Electrical Engineering, Faculty of Industrial  Technology (for the fourth consecutive year) and the name of Dr. Vahid Zare, Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Renewable Energy (for the second consecutive year) has been included in the list of world-renowned research scientists in 2020.

This evaluation is based on three indicators: the total number of citations to the citing article, the average number of researcher self-citations per article, and the average percentage of researcher self-citations, based on information extracted in the last 10 years, with values less than 2, respectively. 37 citations, 9 citations and 14% are known within the normal range.

It is worth mentioning that Dr. Vahid Zare with an H-index of 21, with 34 articles and an average of 39.76 citations per article, and Dr. Mohammad Pourmahmoud Aghababa with an H-index of 27, with 76 articles and an average of 27.72 citations per article, in the list of scientists is the top one percent of the world's most cited research. Number of Top Papers For both top researchers in this list, 3 article titles have been reported.