Memorandum of Understanding between Urmia University of Technology and Cagliari University of Italy

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According to the university's public relations, the memorandum of cooperation between Cagliari University and Urmia University of Technology was signed by the chancellors of the two universities on the morning of Sunday, December 12, 2016. In this virtual ceremony, Dr. Mohammad Reza Sheidaei on behalf of Urmia University of Technology, and Professor Maria del Zampo, on behalf of the University of Cagliari, with the aim of mutual technical and cultural enrichment between the two universities, in the following areas:

 - Transfer and exchange of students while studying in all three levels of bachelor, master and doctorate   - Transfer and exchange of professors and researchers

- Basic and applied research projects

 They signed a 5-year cooperation memorandum.


This memorandum was signed by the International Affairs Department of Urmia University of Technology, after introducing the existing potential by Dr. Reza Mikael, Associate Professor of Mining Engineering, Faculty of Environment, and with the aim of developing the former international cooperation of the University Mining Engineering Department with Cagliari University. Following the follow-up, the scope of international cooperation has been extended to all technical disciplines in the two universities and without restrictions in a particular discipline.



In a virtual video meeting, Dr. Mohammad Reza Sheidaei, in a message addressed to the chancellor of the University of Cagliari, while congratulating and expressing his happiness for the expansion of international cooperation between the two universities, considered the conclusion of this memorandum as the beginning of joint activities of the two universities.


The full text of the Memorandum of Understanding in three languages, Persian, English and Italian, has been signed by the esteemed chancellors of both universities.


The Office of International Cooperation of the University, while appreciating the action of the professors of the Department of Mining Engineering in introducing this potential, invites all faculties and departments to inform the initial communication capabilities and bridges to establish and expand international relations with other universities. To enable bilateral cooperation in the form of standard memorandum of understanding between the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology.