Design and construction of gray wastewater purification system and reuse of them in home systems

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According to the Public Relations Department of Urmia University of Technology, faculty members of the university, Dr. Jafar Abdollahi Sharif, Dr. Kamran Ghasemzadeh, Dr. Abolfazl Tootunuchi and the Student Team of the Chemical Engineering Group, Engineer Rahman Zeinalali, Engineer Ibrahim Karimpour and Engineer Mehdi Nouri, for the first time At the national level, the system for the treatment of gray wastewater (bath water, dishwashing water, washing water, etc.) was designed and implemented on the basis of multistage membrane technology and technology used in spacecraft. The results of the initial assessment and testing of the water treatment system show that the system is very good at purifying the gray wastewater and recycling it into completely sanitized water.


Since 70-80% of household sewage is produced by gray wastewater, the purification and reuse of gray waters in household units can play a significant role in reducing water shortage in the region and in the country, and in particular, solving the Urma lake crisis. In fact, it can be said that by using this system and with a low investment cost, an average of 60% can be saved on the household water consumption of residential units, which, given the true value of water in recent years,  that is very important. Urmia University of Technology hopes to implement this research achievement with the cooperation and assistance of executive agencies such as the West Azarbaijan Governorate and the provincial water and Sewage Company as well as the engineering organization for the first time in the country.