Development of investment and implementation of nanotechnology in textile and clothing factories of West Azarbaijan province in cooperation with Urmia University of Technology

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As a result of the efforts of the headquarters of the textile and clothing department of the university, the issue of investment in the textile and clothing industry of the province has been seriously pursued and is now one of the provincial demands.


The focus of the efforts of the headquarters is on the basis of the development of rational investment and the possibility of industrial development based on the capacities of the region and as one of the national strategies for the resistance economy. Therefore, in line with this headquarters approach, the deputy director of the Vice Presidential Chancellery Nano headed the university on Wednesday, July 29, 2019 at the university, and at a meeting with the university officials, a warm welcome with the faculty members and students of the textile engineering group in the field of technology of the day Nanos were in the branches of clothing and textiles.


At the meeting, Dr. Hesarian welcomes Dr. Azarshab, head of the Nano Headquarters in the field of textile and clothing, pointed to the potential of West Azerbaijan Province for the development of the textile and clothing industry, and the collaboration of the Headquarters of Textile and apparel of the University with the Nano Headquarters in the field. The development and implementation of this technology were announced in the textile and apparel enterprises of the province. At the meeting, Dr. Azarsab briefed the students about Nano science technology on the basics of the technology, and the faculty members also expressed their readiness to enter industrial research into related issues.


In the following, Dr. Hesarian and Dr. Azarsab visited the Deputy Minister of Economic Affairs of the Governorate and they aimed to develop investment in the textile and clothing sector of the province and with the approach of nanotechnology, a memorandum of understanding between the universities, the Nano Headquarters and the governorate of West Azarbaijan were to be signed. In this meeting, Mr. Hosseini the  honorary deputy of the governorate announced his readiness to cooperate in developing the industry in the province. In the course of the meetings, with the aim of implementing nanotechnology in textile and apparel production units of the province, and based on the efforts of Dr. Hesarian, a visit was carried out of the manufacturing facility in Urmia, and it was decided to hold a full technical and specialized meeting with the managing director and management of this industrial unit. Nanotechnology is being implemented in several areas on the products of this manufacturing unit.


At the end of the meeting, while visiting the production line of this unit, Dr. Hesarian set out the technical and industrial exchanges between the textile engineering department of the university and the manufacturing unit. He also provided the opportunity for internship and internship during the academic year in this manufacturing unit from other consultants. The headquarters of the textile and clothing department of the university was rebuffed with this production unit.