The signing of a memorandum of cooperation of the first entrepreneurship park of the country with the OMID entrepreneurship fund of the country

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During a one-day visit of the President and the delegation to the West Azerbaijan, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed for the establishment and operation of the first Entrepreneurship Park between Urmia University of Technology and the OMID Entrepreneurship Fund.

According to the Public Relations Department of Urmia University of Technology, along with this visit, the project of Entrepreneurship Park and laboratory complex of Urmia University of Technology has been inaugurated by Asghar Noorolzadeh, Managing Director of the OMID Entrepreneurship Fund.


Urmia University of Technology Industrial Park is the first industrial Entrepreneurship Park in the country. It has been established with the cooperation and support of the country's OMID Entrepreneurship Fund in 3,000-square-meter (3,000 square meter) office space, workshop and laboratory workshops, and also three hectares to establish knowledge-based companies in Jahatloo site of the University.

One of the goals of the establishment of Urmia University of Technology's entrepreneurship park include the participation and donation of facilities to entrepreneurship park companies, the creation of synergy in the whole components of the entrepreneurial ecology, the guidance of infrastructures and educational resources of Urmia University of Technology towards the entrepreneurship park and companies.

Also at the presidential meeting with the elite and educated, a memorandum of understanding was signed between Urmia University of Technology and the OMID Entrepreneurship Fund of the country, by Dr Mohammad Reza Shidaee and Asghar Noorulzadeh.


Based on this memorandum, OMID Entrepreneurship Fund has agreed to allocate the support to this project, the amount of five billion Rials for the construction and development of the park and the amount of forty five billion Riyals to support the park-supported entrepreneurship enterprises in the framework of job creation facilities has been allocated.