Urmia City

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Urmia city:

introduction,history and getting familiar with Urmia city

Official name: Oromiyeh (Urmia)

Country: Iran

Province: West Azerbaijan

Ancient name: Rezaeiyeh

Population: 963,738 person

Population growth: 3.4 percent (annually)

Population density: 14,000person in square kilometer

Spoken language: Azerbaijani Turkish and Kurdish

Religon: Shiee, Sunni

Area: 42.7 square kilometer Altitude: 1332 meter

Souvenir: Carpet, Noghl Telphone

Code: 0441

Oromiyeh is one of the Iran’s cities and the center of West Azerbaijan province and the center of Oromiyeh city. According to the census in 1390 the population was 963,738 person that the men were 486,445 person and the women were 477,293 person.

Appellation The word oromiyeh is formed from the combination of the two Assyrian words of our(means city) and miyeh(means water). Oromiyeh is also pronounced urum, urumiyeh and urmiyeh. With the establishment of Pahlavi government and the reign of Reza Shah(king) this area named Rezaeiyeh and after the Islamic Revolution it has changed to Oromiyeh again.

Geography Oromiyeh situated in broad and plain flourishing in 70 Kilometer length and 30 Kilometer width that it’s environment is covered with Grapes, apple gardens and farms. Oromiyeh lake is located in East and Marmisho lake is located in West of this city. This city because of having Moderate climate and beautiful landscapes is considered as a tourism city. The attitude of the Oromiyeh city is 1332 meter. Population Population combination of this city as mentioned below is changed in Shah Abbas Safavi’s time.

According another study of ethnic composition of sample and under review families in area of Oromiyeh city that was done in about 1379 shows that Turks allocate 85.7 percent of the families and Kurds were about 10.5 percent. In this survey the percents of Assyrians, Persians, Armenians in Oromiyeh city in order was 1.7, 1.6, 0.5. Majority of the Oromiyeh’s Azeri people are Shi’ee but also many Azeris with Sunni Hanafi and Shafe’i religions are live in the city and more than 25 villages like Balov, Gholenji, Gajin and Valindeh. In Oromiyeh Turkish with Hagh Religion are also live. Most of the Kurdish who lives in Oromiyeh are Sunni.

 History Persians in their first emigration from Iranvich settled in West and South of the Oromiyeh lake but after that they continued their emigration and advanced until Pars land (Fars Province). The Oromiyeh plain in ancient period was in territory of Maads, Assyrians and the other kinfolks. Great Shah Abbas (king) after dispossessing of Othomans from Iran’s territory decided to settle the tribes to border in western section of the country. Because of this purpose Shah Abbas considered Afshar tribe which lived in Khorasan and the other parts of the country. He called up Kalbali Soltan Imanlu Afshar and appointed him as the presidency of the whole Afshar tribe. And then ordered to Afshar tribe that habituated in Iraq, Fars, Kerman and Khorasan with whole of their facilities to move to Oromiyeh plain and settled there. In this movement eight thousands families of six huge tribes settled in Oromiyeh plain and the government of this zone was given to Kalbali Khan.

The context of the order of first Shah Abbas to Kalbali Khan that caused the movement of this tribe is available now. This record caused that the most of the heads of this tribes attend the chief positions especially after establishment of the new military in Iran. Transportation The distance of Oromiyeh up to Tehran by crossing from Shahid Kalantary bridge is 780 kilometer. And also the distance of Oromiyeh to Tabriz is 135 kilometer.

Oromiyeh city has an active Internatinal airport. International flights of the Oromiyeh airport are operate to Tehran and Mashhad and the external flights are to Turkey, Suadi Arabia and Dubai. West Azerbaijan province is in neighboring of three countries as Turkey, Iraq and Azerbaijan and the Turkey’s consulate activates in this city. Number of the cars in Oromiyeh for each thousands person is 80 machines and this digit in Tehran is 60.

Scenic areas Chichest Amusement Assembled, Oromiyeh Forest Park, Band, Sir Mountain, Urmia Lake, Ghassemlou Valley, Bari Commercial and Amusement Assembles, Jame Mosque, 3Gonbad Construction, Shahid Kalantary bridge, Soluk Waterfall, Emamzade Road, Sheykhtappe Avenue,… Souvenir Nowadays Walnut Helva, Bidmeshk distillate is the souvenirs of the Oromiyeh. Agriculture Grape and apple are the main products of the agriculture of the Oromiyeh city. Other products of agriculture: Walnut, Seeds, Squash, Peach, Apricots, Nectarine, Apple, Cherry. Hamdollah mostofi (740 Hijri) writes in description of Oromiyeh: Oromiyeh has many gardens and it’s best fruits are Kholugh Grape, Peyghambari, Pears and Plum…