Textile Engineering

The field of textile engineering was established in 2016 with the efforts of Dr. Mirsaeid Hesarian and the very diligent cooperation of university officials at Urmia University of Technology, and in September 2017, the first group of textile engineering students began their studies in this field. The textile and clothing industry is one of the largest, most important and oldest industries in the world, which due to high employment and extraordinary industrial, economic and social role, is highly regarded by most countries and major economies of the world.

Its diverse advantages, such as high employment power, currency generation, national wealth production, need for less investment than other industries, and high added value, have led many countries to start their industrialization solely from the textile and clothing industries. And continue to be leaders in the knowledge-based and high value-added sectors. The textile industry and at the same time the clothing industry have been more affected by the process of globalization than any other industry in the world. Therefore, the garment industry is of great importance in world trade because the products of this industry account for 2.3 percent of total world trade, while the total share of the textile industry in world trade is 3.6 percent.

Therefore, it can be boldly said that the income from the garment industry is important in many countries and our country will not be an exception to this rule. A look at the climatic situation and potentials of West Azerbaijan province, including the fact that most of the neighbors of this province, such as Turkey, which is the giant of the world textile and clothing industry, can be a major advantage for this province with the aim of exchanging and transferring technology in this industry.

The countries of Iraq and Azerbaijan can be very good markets for the consumption of our country's products due to their cultural connection and travel and common borders with this province. Therefore, paying attention to this large consumer market on the one hand, as well as the 80 million domestic market and the existence of provincial potentials such as free zones, cheap labor and suitable strategic position, etc., all require basic support, all To make a suitable side and investment in this productive, entrepreneurial and needy industry in this region of the country.

Therefore, training efficient and specialized personnel in various branches of this engineering field, which today includes textile technology, textile chemistry, fibers, technical textiles and clothing, is one of the most important educational goals in the undergraduate course of this engineering group. Therefore, by attracting motivated professors and strengthening the infrastructure and laboratory and workshop equipment, and having an effective relationship with the textile and clothing industries of the region, this group intends to have a real impact on the industrial policies of the region and hopes to strengthen the infrastructure in the near future. The industrial industry of the province, in a lively and inspiring environment and with effective interaction and synergy, provide a platform for growth and prosperity of your scientific, experimental and personality, dear students, and capable, creative, entrepreneurial and committed graduates to meet the needs of the province and the country handed over to the industrial community.