Optics and Laser Engineering

Optics is a branch of science that deals with the behavior and properties of visible light, infrared and ultraviolet light, and is used in many sciences (astronomy, engineering, medicine, photography, etc.). Due to its distinctive properties, the laser also plays a major role in increasing industrial production, the development of communication and the advancement of the printing and medical industry. In the field of optics and laser engineering students are familiar with a variety of laser and optics and their applications, laser spectroscopy (wavelength and frequency measurement), optical component manufacturing technology, and the ability to design and manufacture optical and laser equipment needed in different fields.


The knowledge of optics and laser has made many advances in recent decades. Considering the brilliant future and its ever-growing uses, it is necessary to train experts who are familiar with theoretical and practical foundations.


A bachelor's degree in optics and laser engineering is designed to teach the scientific fundamentals of optics and its application in optics, optoelectronics and laser equipment. In advanced technology, especially in the defense industry, producing, releasing and applying light, detecting it in different areas of vision, and interacting with light, is one of the important issues.


In this regard, it is highly felt for specialists who can take the necessary part in designing and calculating the construction and maintenance of optical, optoelectronic and laser equipment.


Industry and Labor Market Optics and Laser Engineering

In recent years, with the global growth of laser applications in the field of optics and laser, there has also been a good job market, to which we mention:
1 Hospitals and wellness centers
2 Telecommunication industry
3. Military Industries (Multiple Parts)
4. Atomic Energy Organization
5. Center for Laser Science and Technology of Iran
6. Research centers of the Ministry of Health
7. Industrial research centers of large factories


8. Designing, maintenance and repair of optoelectronic, laser and optoelectronic equipment.

9. Research and implementation of laser applications in scientific and industrial fields (such as welding, the construction of spacecraft, etc.), military and medical (such as laser therapy), optical communication and so on…