Islamic Education Department

Department of Islamic Education, Urmia University of Technology


After the glorious victory of the Islamic Revolution and the need to promote religious values and spiritual and religious awareness in higher education centers, the headquarters of the Cultural Revolution was formed under the direction and guidance of Imam Khomeini (RA). The initial design and prefabrication of this subject was developed as an Islamic education course and proposed to the Ministry of Culture and Higher Education, which, in parallel with the courses required in each university group to which they must be taught, will provide about 12 units in the name of Islamic Education units and Planned.

The mission of this group is to conduct educational and research activities in the field of religious education and teachings in the five trends defined by the Cultural Revolution Council of the country, and its purpose is to promote and deepen the level of religious awareness and attitude in the desired trends than in behavior The individual and the social identity of the audience.

The result of group activities can be to promote religious culture in relationships and personal and social relationships in the educational and research environment of the university and in their future life, and to strengthen self-belief, create the spirit of research and production of science, and bring together science and religion.