Information Technology & Computer Engineering

IT Engineering and Computer Engineering

What I have done is what it is obligatory for every human being to practice and do it  in his discipline. It is grateful to acknowledge the efforts that his predecessors have made to advance that scientific field, and if they notice the mistakes of the past, they would correct it honestly and bravely ... and what is revealed in that technology, record it to make it eternal for the posterity. "
Abu Rayhan Birouni



At the 24th session of the specialized meetings of the scientific and technical associations of Computer Engineering and Information Technology of Urmia University of Technology, Mr. Ayub Irazah (computer students) talked about Internet-based systems of objects and launched a prototype audio system for managing these systems. In the meeting, which was held at the Amphitheater of Urmia University of Technology, he presented the issues related to the generalities of IoT-based systems and the importance of this area, and then, implemented the voice control system switched on / off with the help of Google's Assistant.



Introduction of the Faculty


The Faculty of Computer Engineering and Information Technology is one of the first faculties established at Uromia University of Technology, which has been recruiting undergraduates in the field of information technology engineering since its establishment in 2006, and in 2008 with the approval of the Council for the Development of Higher Education can recruit bachelor students in Engineering Computer software engineering.


At present, in addition to undergraduate engineering courses in information technology and software engineering, the faculty also accepts students from the beginning of October 2011 at the Master of Science (MSc) in Information Technology (IT). The student reception center is open daily in two different ways. Providing a healthy, dynamic and vibrant environment along with educational facilities including a computer site, laboratories, scientific association and ... has been on the agenda since its inception and is now providing a good environment for educational and research activities.


The training of an expert and knowledge specialist to work in the domestic and foreign markets, the production of science, the provision of scientific-practical-educational services, counseling and guidance of the organization, public and private institutions to institutionalize and  to exploit this knowledge to increase productivity in The province is the goal of this faculty.



Introduction to Information Technology Engineering

 IT, which stands for Information Technology, is a discipline that can cover all academic disciplines, but is operationally interdisciplinary, between the computer and the electrical engineering industry, which includes production, processing, storage and The supply of information that is linked to computer discussions, the issue of information management and its processes is a series of discussions in the field of electrical engineering and industry, and especially the telecommunication trends, relates to information and data.

 An IT student should have background information in different areas. For example, a person who wants to use this technology in e-commerce should know if a person who wants to use IT in distance education should be familiar with the methods of instruction, and the expert in the field must have a computer basis, in other words the core of this field is actually the core of the computer engineering field, which has been added to the management stuff. 

Understanding and knowing IT course and fields of that


Computer Networks

This field of IT is considered to be a branch of computer and telecommunications engineering throughout the world, and has a longer-lasting background than other information technology fields. Computer network professionals are able to carry out various activities relying on their backgrounds in their field of study and can do a lot in different occupations. Among the applied knowledge of this field, one can mention important issues such as the design, configuration and implementation of computer networks and network programming. Security in computer networks is one of the other issues that are in the form of training related to this field. Computer networking engineers will also be able to collaborate with other engineers like e-commerce in setting up their business. Creating programs on a global or web network and implementing distributed systems (such as distributed databases or distributed platforms) is one of the other activities that is educated to the student's experts in this field. 


E-commerce and multimedia systems

E-commerce, using computer networks, simplifies and speeds up business transactions at its various stages, such as design, production, purchase, sale and delivery. The term "e-commerce" includes any business and management interaction that is made using information and communication technology. The goal of this course is to provide a good understanding of computer-related technologies, skills in designing and manufacturing multimedia systems for network-wide distribution, and knowledge of tools and modalities for changing business and management tasks through electronic transactions. Master's degree in e-commerce provides graduates with technical knowledge, creative skills and business ability in order to exploit the huge potential of marketing in computer networks.


Information technology

 The IT field transmits knowledge to the audience, in which information collection, use and transfer methods are available. The study, design, construction, commissioning, maintenance of hardware and software systems, collecting, organizing, categorizing and transmitting information are the most important goals that IT engineering pursues. The most important category of graduates of this field is the correct use and timely use of information. In the era we are in, information technology is one of the major axes of development in the world. Today, the achievements of information technology have been so integrated with people's lives that stopping in its path causes disruption to society and even the well-being of people. Hence, many countries have taken widespread efforts to publicize the use of information technology that academic ICT education is one of these. The Master of Science (MSc) in Information Technology completes project management to provide appropriate solutions to complex organizational issues.


Management of Information Systems and Information Security 

Given the increasing dependence on information and communication technologies in e-government and the dangers we face with them, such as malicious programs of viruses, intruders and thieves, Dos and DDos attacks, and ... the need for a personalized solution that can prevent such risks is very felt to be able to recover systems quickly, if prompted. According to Gartner, the IT industry has grown most in 2005, confirming the importance of information security in companies and organizations. 


 Market of Information Technology field

Study, review and feasibility of hardware, network and software requirements

Collecting, organizing and classifying information

Creating and maintaining required software such as Farsi Mail and Persian Information Search Tool

Designing and implementation of local networks

Studying and reviewing the appropriate telecommunication tool for information transfer

Studying and reviewing software systems suitable for organizing and using information such as operating systems and database systems

Studying and identifying new ways to inform


Market of security field in IT engineering

Production of software and hardware products such as:

- fire walls -

-Honey pots -

- IDS & IPS -

- Filters-

Providing secure security for financial transactions of banks

Activities in data centers and companies providing Internet services to secure servers


Market of e-commerce field in IT engineering

Activities in banks around the electronic money axis like:

Internet banking

Banking via cellphone

Creating e-commerce service provider sites


Places to work in Iran:

Software companies like system partners and data breeding

Hardware companies

Communication and network companies

Telecommunications companies

Businesses like banks and other financial and credit institutions



Market abroad

First of all, it is worth noting that due to the close proximity of fields of activity in both computer and IT engineering, the market and economic activities are very close to each other and the volunteers of work abroad are not based on one of these two Educational disciplines, but is based on individual abilities, that make person to overcome the task of obtaining a job (arguably related to a computer).

Hardware engineering, software and IT (which is taught as IT in our country) are recognized as a computer engineering set outside of these boundaries, based on recent surveys (Census Date: 11 July 2007 - The most profitable field of study The highest income earned by its graduates is estimated at $ 104,000 per year for people over 10 years of experience. Students of this discipline can be successful in their pursuit of a successful future abroad.  Unemployment rate is also low comparing to other fields and majors of university, and even according to the statistics, students who have not yet completed their studies can study in one of the fields associated with the field and improve their economic situation along with the processing of these sciences. Germany and the United States are among the largest adopters of computer engineers and India and Japan as their largest exporters, after Germany, the Western European countries, Scandinavia and the Middle East provide convenient and efficient options for students who intend to leave the country for work and Activities in other countries.


Computer engineering major

Computer engineering, which designs and constructs various computer components, is therefore of great importance in today's world. The goal of this course is to train experts in the field of analyzing, designing, constructing and installing new hardware devices and complexes, examining and identifying existing hardware and software complexes, maintaining, troubleshooting, repair, and development. Designing, simulating, processing, processing, measuring, teaching and editing are all the concepts that are performed with the highest accuracy and in the shortest possible time in computer software programs. Therefore, the purpose of this field is to train specialist personnel to do the above.


Alumni abilities 

 Graduate student s of this major and degree have different abilities and talents, and if they could get the chance to be led in proper way they are able to solve a lot of problems. Some of them are as follow:


1- Reviewing and recognizing new software and hardware and applying them.
2. Reviewing the deficiencies and requirements of the software and hardware of the industry and services sectors and developing their needs, feasibility and determining the necessary tools and manpower to address the shortcomings.
3- Analysis of small and medium systems of software and hardware and provide the appropriate solution for their implementation.
4- Designing small and medium complexes of software and hardware and producing executive plans for them.
5- Implementing computer designs, installing, testing and training them.
6- Maintenance of software systems including error detection, fixing errors and adding new features to systems.
7- Troubleshooting of computers and computer systems.
8. Identifying new techniques for designing and constructing computers and evaluating and employing them.
The capabilities mentioned are related to software and hardware experts, but it is clear that software experts are more capable of software issues and, unlike hardware experts, are more capable of hardware ranges.



The computer has two different hardware and software components. The physical and palpable components of a computer are called hardware circuits and electronic boards. The software is a component that is unobtrusive to the computer. Software is the application and data that tell the computer what to do. A software engineer learns how to design and plan, test, and evaluate the final software, and ultimately document it. Thus, a computer repair technician isn’t a hardware engineer and an operator is not a software engineer. "Software is in fact the soul of a computer that provides identity for hardware, and is essentially a program that is made to use hardware.
The software can be categorized into a general course, which includes: system software and applications. System software is programs that the computer requires to activate or offer service, and this is due to the computer system makers, most notably operating systems, utility programs, and language interpreters. Applications are also programs that the user himself writes, or software companies make and sell them for sale. Such programs typically do not have the generality of system programs and are written for various engineering, scientific, commercial, educational, and recreational or design fields. "
"Bachelor's degree in hardware engineering examines hardware design, hardware control, and computer networks. For example, a hardware engineer can design hardware that works with ICs, works with computers, or it will use computer gates and ultimately can design integrated digital circuits, which, of course, will be dedicated to this part of the hardware at the undergraduate and postgraduate level. "

Bachelor's Degree Approaches

Bachelor's degree in computer science has two trends in hardware and software, but these two trends in undergraduate studies do not differ significantly.
1. "The trend of hardware involves educational, research and industrial activities in parts, boards, equipment and, ultimately, computer systems at different scales, and one of its important branches is computer architecture (design and manufacture of computer).
2. "The purpose of the trend is computer software, education and research in the field of programming languages, different operating systems and the design of various algorithms." 


Job prospect, job market, income

Due to the increasing expansion of the computer world today, computer technology is felt more than ever before. Today, a computer engineer will never face unemployment if he or she is interested. Especially software engineers have more job opportunities and do not need much equipment to handle. Job opportunities in this field are so wide and diverse that not only graduates of this field can easily enter the market, but students of the last two years of this field can enter the market and work. For hardware engineers, it is also possible to work in companies manufacturing parts and devices, and industrial centers - highly productive, and in terms of income level, with due regard to their knowledge and perseverance, they are ideally acceptable. On the other hand, given the ever-increasing use of the Internet, the field of work on this topic is also very much possible. 

The state needs of the country for this field at present

The field of computer that has led to the globalization of information and communications is the subject of the day and the future, to the point where, in the next 10 years, people in the developed countries will be dependent on the Internet as much as they are dependent on power. According to the explanation, the growing trend of computer use in the daily life of work and job opportunities for graduates of this field is provided in the form of software companies, manufacturers of components, industrial centers, manufacturing companies, companies and service providers, Educational centers and other places, to give chance for working. Paying attention to the slow progress of Iran towards the global computer community in recent years, there is a need for sophisticated and creative engineers in this field. The growing use of computers in public and private circles, widespread use of the Internet and related fields With it, the provision of education and e-commerce has all come together to give a clear perspective to the future of the field, so that activists will have a clear and secure future in this regard. The only concern is the software sector that Iranian creative engineers have to develop various and effective software to not only be a consumer. 


Different tendencies and different aspects of the course in the master's degree

 Software field:
 In the trend of software, master students would be familiar with advanced systems of advanced database, database banks, WEB based programming and processing parallel algorithms.
Artificial Intelligence field: In this trend, students become familiar with new concepts such as advanced artificial intelligence, artificial intelligence, fuzzy theory of image processing, and so on.
Computer Architecture field: In this trend, students are familiar with advanced computer and supercomputer architectures, extensive computer image processing and design of error tolerant systems, and so on.
Algorithm and computing field: This field, which is a new trend, introduces students to advanced and advanced computer-aided mathematics algorithms.


Employment Areas

 Due to the increasing expansion of the computer world today, having computer technology experts is felt more than ever before. Today, a computer engineer, if interested, will never face the problem of unemployment. Particularly, software engineers have more job opportunities and do not need much equipment to handle. Job opportunities are so wide-ranging that not only graduates of the field can easily enter the market, but students of the last two years of this field can enter the market and work. For hardware engineers, it is also possible to work in companies manufacturing parts and devices, and industrial production centers, and in terms of income level, with regard to their personal knowledge and perseverance, they are ideally acceptable. On the other hand, given the ever-increasing use of the Internet, the field of work on this topic is also very much possible.


Market for Wired Network Engineering

1. Study and review the appropriate telecommunication tool for information transmission
2. Study the speed and quality of existing networks
3. Quality of existing networks
4. Creating computer networks

Market of Software engineering field
1. Study, review and feasibility of hardware, network and software requirements
2. Independent activity to produce small to medium software
3. Review ways to mechanize organizational activities
4. Programming and code generation
5. Testing and reviewing produced programs

Hardware business hardware market


  1. To do research and study in the current hardware companies that can deal with other companies around the world.
  2.  Designing and implementation of custom computer systems
  3.  Improve the quality of existing hardware by software and hardware modifications