According to the public relations report of the university, on 02/03/1403, with the efforts of the civil engineering scientific association of the university and a group of civil engineering students, a concrete prototyping competition was held with the focus of familiarizing civil engineering students with high-strength concrete at the soil mechanics laboratory of Urmia University of Technology.
This competition was held with the presence of the professors of the civil engineering department, the judging committee of Dr. Morteza Vakili, engineer Mohammad Reza Saei, Dr. Irfan Shafei, Dr. Akbar Shirzad and also the director of education, Dr. Arash Esmaili. The process of the competition was carried out in such a way that 6 teams of civil engineering students made their samples and according to the internal rules of the competition, the sample should be tested at the age of 28 days. In this way, in continuation of this competition, the second stage of the competition will be held on May 31. will be.

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